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CPAP and BIPAP Supplies

CPAP Supplies Services

Atlantic Medical treats thousands nationwide who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea or OSA. We offer customers quality products, FREE shipping to their home, and FREE patient education & support. Atlantic Medical can service both newly diagnosed customers with a brand new CPAP machine, as well as provide higher quality and more comfortable resupply items for those already receiving CPAP therapy.

CPAP Supply Benefits

  • FREE in home setup and home delivery for all CPAP supplies
  • FREE education & training by on staff respiratory therapists & CPAP specialists.
  • FREE insurance paperwork filing
  • New equipment and supplies at little to No cost.
  • We will work with you & your doctor to find the most comfortable therapy

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CPAP Resupply Schedule

CPAP Machine
  • Masks wear over time, causing leaks & becoming less effective.
  • Bacteria builds up in masks & tubing which can cause infection if not replaced regularly.
  • Skin sores can be caused by over tightening headgear once headgear becomes stretched.
  • Tubing deteriorates over time causing cracks & tears, decreasing effects of therapy.

Replacing your CPAP Supplies at the recommended frequency is essential in effectively managing your sleep apnea. We will send replacement supplies to your home every 3 months as needed.

Choosing The Right Mask

Nasal Mask

Nasal Mask

Provides advanced freedom & comfort in an over-the-nose design that fits well, is light & easy to use.

  • The Nasal Cushion adapts to the face for maximum comfort.
  • One-step easy fitting, no complicated adjustments.

Full Face Mask

Full Face Mask

Transforms sleep with superior seal & foam technology providing comfort & better sleep.

  • Active contouring foam cushion allows greater range of movement.
  • Under chin design allows enhanced sleep performance without a chin strap.

Pillow Systems

Pillow Systems

Small, quiet & superbly comfortable. Offers exceptional freedom.

  • Narrow, slim-line design gives you freedom to sleep in any position.
  • Light in weight for greater comfort.

Oral Mask

Oral Mask

Unique - the only mask to deliver pressure through the mouth with minimal headgear.

  • Clinically proven as effective as a nasal mask. A solution for mouth breathers or those with chronic nasal obstruction.

CPAP Products

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Medicare & Insurance Coverage Criteria

Atlantic Medical accepts Medicare & most private insurance plans. Please Click Here to read about Medicare's criteria for covering CPAP/BiPAP machines and/or related supplies.




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